Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rift: Jaive

So, I got a free 7-day trial of Rift to try out while the LotRO servers are down for the move to Turbine. My computer is barely able to run Rift (all the graphics and everything are at their lowest setting - I miss out on all the pretty eyecandy D:) but at least I can sort of get a feel for what kind of game it is.

I'm enjoying it very much so far, but I doubt I'll continue playing it after the 7 days is over. At the moment, I don't have time for another online game and I lack the funds to pay a monthly fee every single month for something that I'd play only occasionally alongside LotRO. Still, I like the types of races and classes they have (even if the character creation is somewhat lacking in appearance possibilities) and I've had tons of fun playing my Defiant rogue and my Guardian cleric.

Here's a speedpaint I did of my cleric, a dwarf lady in the prime of her years who specializes in heavy-duty Inquisition. She has serious issues about her height (smallest possible) and is over-zealous in her pursuit of what she deems justice and righteousness.

I will most likely do a speedpaint of my rogue at some point as well, since the character designs in Rift are awesome fun.

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