Thursday, April 21, 2011

LotRO: Luminari

A thank-you gift for a fellow kinmember. She helped me out a lot during my early days there.

Aaand what else is new? Well, I've created quite a few alts in LotRO by now, because I got bit by the rp-bug and just keep wanting to make new characters to rp with.

Sotur is still quite comfortable in the Militia. She also got promoted to Guard within the kinship! Even as a player I was quite excited at this, seems like all my hard work paid off and Sotur is getting some recognition.

Then I made Nyle, Mr. Lore-Master, elder brother of Sotur, and love-child of Indiana Jones and Charles Darwin. He's basically an eccentric biologist/geographist/naturalist (though with the last one, he's still trying to figure out which laws apply in Middle Earth). He dreams of making a huge encyclopedia of the flora and fauna of Middle Earth, and travels around a lot to make his dream happen.
He also loves to play mind games with people, especially his sister, and has a twisted sense of humour.
handsome and beardy <3

I have a few other characters still pending further backstories/actual rp. A hobbit minstrel, a human burglar and of course my elf hunter Ansadal. Ansadal has had some rp done with her already, but for some reason I'm finding it quite difficult to get in character for an elf. I'm able to play her, but I still don't get a good sense of her. Elves just seem to be a little too... well... perfect? Incorruptible? Aloof? I don't know... I like having characters who are all shades of grey instead of very clearly good or evil. All the little flaws, the little quirks in personality, really keep things interesting. With elves I just don't know how to go about making one that would fit in with the lore and still have an eccentric side.


  1. She turned out beautiful!

    I love Nyle's back story. He seems like he could be a lot of fun to role play with. I also completely understand what you mean about Elves. I think they are the most difficult to create stories for. Seems like everyone plays the same somber, wise and aloof elf characters. I love to make my character imperfect as well but can you have an elf with a flaw? Can you picture an elf with a temper or is clumsy? It just doesn't work.

  2. Yeah, an elf throwing a proper tantrum or constantly tripping on their own robes just doesn't work at all. :/ Which is a pity, since there's only so much fun you can have with a somber, wise and aloof character... not to mention if the whole race is like that, it'd be like constantly talking to mirror images of yourself.

    Ah well, I still hope that I'll be able to come up with some fun quirk for Ansadal. Thanks for your comment! :)