Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LotRO: Militia life

So, my character Sotur is in a roleplay kinship called The Volunteer Militia. And like the name suggests, we do a lot of militia-type things there, such as patrols, guard-duty, campaigns, etc. We also have plenty of rowdy tavern evenings and lots of side-stories involving our characters' free time.

Here's a few sketches of Sotur, either performing military duties or just venting some frustration:

And this is a sketch of a drawing I'm doing for a fellow kinship member, as thanks for all of the items she has given me:
We've also got a small kinship contest going on, for which I'm drawing several shots of my character. I'll be uploading those when I get them finished. :) I really, really like the kinship I'm in, there's a very strong feeling of camaraderie and we do such awesome stuff together. Here's some of my favourite screens from recent outings:
Our leader tends to drive us pretty hard... :D But he's a bastard that everyone loves to hate.


  1. Nice to hear you've found a good kin! I've seen you around on those tasks every now and then too. Loving the drawing of the lady in the swooshy dress. :)

  2. Your kin looks like it has a lot of fun together. I really enjoy looking at your artwork. I will be checking back to see your future work :)

  3. Thanks, to both of you! :) And yes, my kin is awesome. <3