Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LotRO: A little friendly rivalry

So, after discovering how easy it is to change a character's hairstyle in LotRO, I went ahead and gave Ansadal a new look. The dark blonde hair looks much better on her, and as far as I know is more canon as well considering she's from Mirkwood. She's also got a horse now! Yay!

Here's a half-finished drawing of the old Ansadal from last saturday, when I needed something to use as an example of how to colour manga-style drawings for a manga workshop I was hosting at a local library:
I don't think I'll ever finish it... especially now that she doesn't have that hair colour anymore.

Also, sketched a little this evening - did Sotur and Ansadal together. Work is taking up most of my drawing time, but every now and then I manage something small.